eGo510 - Mega Cartridges

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eGo510 - Mega Cartridges

eGo510 Mega Cartridges fit the cone shape bridge type atomizers

Note:eGo Mega cartridges can only be used with the Atomizer Cone Shape Bridge Type.

Now Available in: Regular Tobacco, Menthol Flavor

  • High (16mg Nicotine)

Each package contains 5 Cartridges. Cartridges for the Joye 510, eGo 510, DSE 601, DSE 701, DSE 801 Pen Style, DSE 901, Pro 98/101, RN 4081, DSE 103, J 109 and J 118 all have cotton inside of them. When the vapor is decreased and you know that your battery is fully charged, it is most likely time to refill your cartridge. All you need to do is remove your cartridge from your atomizer of the electronic cigarette, turn it over, and deposit 3 to 5 drops of your e-liquid. Then, all you have to do is return your now fully flavored cartridge back into the atomizer. A cartridge is refillable with nicotine juice until there is no longer any cotton inside of it to absorb the drops of your e-liquid. This is when it is time to replace your used cartridge with a brand new, fresh cartridge.

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