e Cig Joye 510 Cartridges Chocolate Flavor

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Joye 510 Chocolate flavor cartridges

Avoid the temptation of chocolate and cigarettes simultaneously with our Joye 510 Chocolate flavored Cartridges. Get the sweet, full flavor of Chocolate along with the nicotine hit you love!

Our Joye 510 Cartridges come individually wrapped in packages of five and are compatible with our Joye 510 Atomizers. These cartridges are able to be refilled several times after it's original prefilled liquid has been used with any of our 98 flavors of e liquid. Making them an economical addition to your electronic cigarette collection and gving you a broad variety of flavor and nicotine strengths to choose from.

Cartridges strength:

  • High (16mg Nicotine)
  • Medium (11mg Nicotine)
  • Low (06mg Nicotine)
  • Non(00mg Nicotine)
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