Mutation X V5 RDA Atomizer
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Mutation X V5 RDA Atomizer

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Mutation X V5 RDA Atomizer

Watch out because mutants are taking over! We here at E-Cigarette-USA would like to welcome the Mutation X V5 into our RDA atomizer family.

Much like its predecessors it is made out of stainless steel, is 510 threaded, and is 22 millimeters in diameter making it shiny, sturdy, and universally eye-catching. Staying very close to its roots it’s a three piece RDA atomizer and uses its air hole patterns for the air flow control.

The packaging will contain:

  • 1 wide bore drip tip,
  • 2 wires,
  • 4 o-rings,
  • 3 screws, and a hex key.

Essentially giving Vapers the generous (and much needed) gift of backups for any pieces they may break or lose.

However a few changes were made to make the Mutant x V5 unique and more powerful (all for the good we promise).

The wide bore drip tip provided has grown since we've last seen it, increasing our air flow and allowing for any condensation to escape.

We hope you are ready to produce even more vapor! And if not you better get ready, as their new design manages to fit a total of 32 air holes on the body. Both sides of the atomizer show a spectacular view of 16 air holes strategically placed to form the shape of slanted diamonds. Not only is this design giving you air flow for days, but it is also making the Mutation x V5 considered a thing of beauty.

Sliding off the top cap from the cylinder body, you will notice their signature diagonal blades attached to the top cap.

These blades, paired with the top cap, are what’s considered as the air flow control. The blades are shaped to lie in line with the slanted air holes. (It is imperative to remember that the blades can be considered as sharp and to handle with care)

Removing the midsection body piece off of the base will allow you to come in full view of the deck. It has a tri-pole build with the negative posts melded into the floor of the deck. The deck of the Mutation x V5 gives you plenty of room to create different forms of coil builds including the basic single or dual, or the more advanced twisted and parallel builds.

Build your coils, fluff your cotton, and saturate them with liquid. Tying the Mutation x V5 back into its heritage, it has kept the conveniently deep juice well giving you plenty of liquid to vape between drips. 

So grab the Mutation x V5 and impress your friends!But don’t show off to much, or you might not be able to see their impressed reactions through your gargantuan exhaled vapor. The only warning they'll get is the sizzle from you firing up your Mutation x V5.

**Due to the high tech nature of this product there is no warranty, returns or exchanges.   This product is for experienced users and requires technical vaping knowledge in order to properly use it.

*Please note this Model is a high quality clone and is in no way being advertised or sold as an original.



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