Advanced Car kit Usb Pass thru
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Joye510 Car kit Usb Pass-through 5 Cartomizers 10ml eLiquid

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Joye510 Car kit Usb Pass-through 5 Cartomizers 10ml eLiquid

The Advanced Car Pass through is considered best eCigarette combination in the market due to the fact that it gives you the opportunity to take your e cigarette on the go either in your car, office, air port or on your computer and still having consistent power and lots of vapor.

The pass through plugs into your USB port on your computer via a 3 foot cord and includes a car adaptor you can plug into your car on your way to work, making it easier to smoke without having to recharge any batteries.

The Advanced Car Pass Through includes:

  • 1 Joye 510 PassThrough
  • 1 Joye 510 Pass Through car adaptor
  • 1 E liquid 10ml of your choice
  • 5 Refillable Cartomizers of your choice 

Our Advanced Car Pass Through is Compatible With all of the Ego and 510 Cartomizers, Cartridges and Atomizers. And Any Brand Of E-Liquid

Note: Cartomizers available only for J-109, J-118, Joye 510.

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