Dse701 Electric Cigar Refill Cartridge USA Mix Flavor

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Dse701 e Cigar Cartridges USA Mix Flavor

Flavor is reminescent of that famous cowboy brand in the red and white box.

Each case contains 5 refillable Cartridges

Cartridges strength:

  • High (16mg Nicotine)
  • Medium (11mg Nicotine)
  • low (06mg Nicotine)
  • Non (00mg Nicotine)

when refilling your e-cigar cartridges, use our e liquid solutions for best savings, available in different flavors and nicotine concentrations.

Inside the cartridge is a small fluffy pad - this where you will drip a few drops of e liquid each time you refill your e cigar cartridges. There are several ways to refill your e-cigar cartridges, by dripping directly into the cartridge, or by using a syringe with a needle.

To use the syringe simply extract e-liquid from the bottle using the syringe needle and then inject it as needed into the cartridge.

The Des 701 e cigar cartridges are also compatible with RN-4062 Electronic Cigar

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