ProTank Clearomizer 1300mAh Battery Combo Kit
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ProTank Clearomizer 1300mAh Battery Combo Kit

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ProTank Clearomizer 1300mAh Battery Combo Kit

For the first time ever, we are unifying our most powerful eGo battery and Kanger top of the line clearomizer for a combination that is highly sought after. This pairing of the eGo 1300mAh battery and the Kanger Protank clearomizer series is a match made in heaven; billowing clouds of vapor and a battery that holds a charge for 1.5+ days.


  • 1 - Kanger ProTank Clearomizer (your choice of color)
  • 1 - 1300 mAh eGo Battery (your choice of color)
  • 1 - eGo Case (your choice of color)
  • 1 - eGo USB Charger
  • 1 - eGo Home Charger
  • 1 - 10ml Bottle of Liquid (you choice of flavor)

The Kanger Pro Tank is a perfect match for the 1300mAh eGo battery. Not only is it classy and sleek, but it also has great functionality and is easy to maintain. The 1300mAh battery with give you hours and hours of battery life between charges. Both the battery and clearomizer come in several color choices, giving you some personalization along with top-notch performance.

The ego 1300mAh battery is our latest eGo battery and because of its size, allows you to enjoy hours of vaping between charges. The ego 1300mAh battery itself is slightly shorter but bigger around than the 1100mAh eGo battery and will hold a charge for 500+ puffs/2+ days. This battery is compatible with all the eGo clearomizers but creates an exceptionally streamlined look when paired with the H5 and ViVi Nova clearomizers as they are closer in circumference to those clearomizers.

This kit also includes a 10ml bottle of e-liquid (flavor of your choice) and a hard sided eGo case. The case comes in a plethora of color choices and has several inner pockets, designed to hold your e-cig setup, liquid and charger. This will keep all of your essentials for vaping protected and all in one area, eliminating damage to your e-cigarette or loss of components.

Compatible Clearomizer: Kanger Aerotank V2 Dual Coil, Kanger Protank 3 Bottom Coil Clearomizer, Kanger Protank 2 Bottom Coil Clearomizer

Compatible Coil: EMOW Clearomizer Coil Heads, Kanger Protank 2|Unitank Mini|Unitank Replacement Coil


  • The metal tube in the center of this Clearomizer leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end. Avoid getting liquid in this tube when filling the Clearomizer.
  • When unfastening the base (atomizer head) to refill the Clearomizer, the seals are temporarily broken and liquid will leak from the mouthpiece or escape into the center tube. Always wrap a cloth or piece of tissue around the mouthpiece when unfastening the base of the Clearomizer.
  • Gurgling noise or leaks: This is a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill).
  • Ridding the center tube of liquid will resolve the issue. To do so without emptying the tank, remove the Clearomizer from the battery, wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the Clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece.
  • The atomizer head of the Protank can unfasten when unscrewing the tube or base. Always secure the atomizer head before reinstalling the base of the Protank.
  • It is normal to find a small amount of liquid in the battery contact area when removing the Clearomizer or any atomizer. We recommend cleaning the battery before charging it.
  • When possible, keep the tank full and never below 1/3 full of eLiquid topped off. This helps maintain the vacuum in the tank and prevent leaks.
  • Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one if available.
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